QiKi Gong

Here to help you

Ruthie and Alan in a QiKi bubble on the sky sea blend

Welcome, from Ruthie and Alan.

Qiki Gong (pronounced cheeky), just the name makes people smile, is all about giving you ways for you to help yourself by playing with Universal energies, in a lighthearted way. Either through movement, or quietly watching, yet always with a focus on your feelings and your imagination, nourishing and nurturing you. Qi (chee) from China and Ki (key) from Japan both translate as life-force / energy and are from where we honour both the chakra and meridian systems. youtube.com/@qikigong

Qiki Gong helps you to

  • Raise your vibrations
  • Feel positive, invigorated
  • Be calm, in-harmony
  • Whatever your age or your ability you can be Qiki, celebrating that we are all unique.

QiKi wares

Including books, glorious movies of our unique photos, positive affirmations, beautiful music and play-along movies of Qiki-feelmoves. To calm an over busy/stressed mind, to refresh a tired body. Your feelings affect how you move, which affect how you feel - this interplay we call Qiki-Feelmoves.


Free publications

Our published articles are in Reiki World, The Universe Talks (TUT) and Energy magazine. All our articles are written to give you many ideas for your wellbeing, to enhance your Qiki-ness and to explain the essence of the Qiki-feelmoves in the accompanying play-along movie.