QiKi Gong

Guide to Memorizing Meridians

A Guide to Memorizing Meridians - the book

A fascinating book about Meridians, presented in Ruthie's unique style with fun ways to learn.

For those who are looking for an easy reference guide to the meridians, Ruthie writes in a clear, engaging way, having fun with this challenging topic. The tools she has developed to memorize the meridians are original and they work.

The guide takes you through a brief history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the names and pairs of the meridians, the elements associated with them and practice with questions and answers. There are clear, visual images of the individual meridians with explanations as to how to remember the pathways. Supplied as a pdf.

“Ruthie has taught our students this technique for over a year and they all scored highly in the TCM element of the Board Exam. She brings a freshness and genuine passion to learning and really helps students to learn and remember this difficult topic.” Lena McBride Ramos, Massage Instructor, Florida.